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About us

“Handball4All” (Summer Handball Academy), is unique project in the world of handball founded at 2010. The Academy is designed for players and coaches from all around the world, with the primary aim of education on a very different way, focused on individual approach.

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Project description:

Work on self-development of young handball players and coaches who work with them. Work in small groups, transfer of knowledge in the entire daily regimen (training activity - in the morning, before and after noon), with evening seminars and creative workshops


Project activities:

Testing and trainings on basic knowledge with S & C work (gym) Before and afternoon activities at the individual training of technical and tactical skills (Sport Hall) Evening seminars and workshops - theoretical knowledge (meeting room)


Objectives of the project:

Establishing a new approach how to work with youth, individuality, work in small groups, a better contact between people of similar interests from all over the world, creating new thinking to the conquest of theoretical and practical knowledge: in one word "Handball 4all"


The target group:

U-23 (young handball players from around the world under the age of 23 years) and experts who work with them. At the moment global attention is on the seniors, and young people just while playing competitive matches (until U-21 stage), after which there is a vacuum in transition between youth and senior age and young athletes usually lose there focus point. This project is just one of the ways finding solutions to this problem.


Information about the project:

Complete work on the project, has been recorded in print and electronic format and is presented via Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/Handball4All and YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_8fy5TKsIjC8LpsxAV_EhA


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